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Howdy, howdy, howdy.

Quinn here reporting from College Radio land, man this place is weird. I just wanted to give the world an update of sorts from your favorite radio station (KCSC..duh).

Our shows are in full swing and have been for about a month now, we would love to hear what you think! My Board of Directors has been so impressed by our talented new and returning DJs; I encourage you to check out a show you haven’t paid much attention to previously, you might be surprised at what you find hear.

If you attend Chico State University, where KCSCradio.com is based, you may have heard us playing the one-and-only Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Achey Breaky Heart” on campus last week. You may have also seen that if a monetary donation was made (they ranged from pennies to $10 bills. In the end we raised $160, thanks Chico State!), the DJ would then play a KCSC approved song for a few minutes, it would then go back to “Achey Breaky Heart” until another donation was received.

This was not to punish the student body for possible bad decisions made over various weekends; but rather to symbolize KCSC’s music philosophy and how much listener support REALLY means. Without you, we would have no KCSC Radio, no good music. Without YOU, the listener, Billy Ray Cyrus and minions would take over the world. We are so thankful you don’t let that happen.

As always, please feel free to get in contact with me regarding any questions you may have.

Happy listening!

Quinn Mattingly
General Manager
KCSC Radio
Office: (530) 898-6229
Cell: (925) 640-6384

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