2011 is KCSC Radio’s 60 year anniversary!

In preparation for some giant events in the fall we will be hosting some fundraisers this week so prepare for plenty of food, music, and prizes this week and help invite all of Chico out to support your favorite independent radio station. See you there!

For the events on Tuesday and Saturday you will need to grab a flier from our promo table in order to donate part of the proceeds from your meal to KCSC. You can stop by Monday and Tuesday between Siskiyou and Glenn Hall and Wednesday at the student market between the BMU and Student Services Center anytime between 10am-2pm

More incentive: Prizes for raffles will range from gift cards from a ton of local businesses to new music and Daniel Tosh’s “Happy Thoughts”

Tuesday (4/5)
Where: Woodstocks Pizza
When: 5pm-10pm
What: BINGO, Pizza, and DJs spinnin’ some tunes

Friday (4/8)
Where: Beach Hut Deli
What: KCSC DJ music force Team No Sleep and No Requests

Saturday (4/9)
Where: The Bear
When: 5:30pm-8:30pm
What: Live music, DJ meet and greet, raffle

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