AS Elections, Local Artist of the Week, Interviews, etc.

KCSC Listeners,

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 60th Anniversary Fundraising events! Your attendance and support was noticed and much appreciated.


Tune in: DJ Nilla and DJ DangerVenture will be interviewing all the candidates for AS Elections on the air April 18 from 6-8pm.

Voting is from April 19-21.


Local Artist of the Week: Surrogate

The local staple of shoegazy-indie rock has released their 3rd full length album, Diamonds and Pearls, and has been back in Chico playing at various venues, most recently at Cafe Coda with The Velvet Teen. Enjoy.


DJ Nilla: Snow Patrol – Songs For Polar Bears

DJ DangerVenture : Typhoon – A New Kind Of House

DJ L. Noche: Bibio – Mind Brokeh

DJ Loglady: Oh Land – s/t

DJ No Requests: Justice – Civilization

DJ Tiny: John Robinson – Compilation

DJ Tequila Mockingbird: Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punks

DJ Something Something: Ian Fays – Jensen’s Camera

DJ Mystic : Ellie Goulding – Lights


Rasta Revolution (4/6) with DJ Ras Sigma interviewing Jamaican Reggae artist Perfect.

Pun Intended (4/10) with DJ DangerVenture & The Missing Link interviewing Ari Gold the director and star of the air drum comedy “Adventures of Power”.

Twin Geeks (4/10) with DJ Loglady & LoLKate  interviewing the band Pegasus Dream (Their album CD is currently in the on-air room, check it out).

The Forbidden Forest (4/11) with DJ Evergreen & Padfoot talk with the frontman of Soft Crest (Their album is on the Local music shelf).

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