AS Election Results, Bake Sale, Staff Picks, and more!

KCSC Listeners,

Thank you to all who supported KCSC Radio in this year’s Associated Student elections. KCSC accumulated an astonishing $2100 and this is all due to our loyal listeners and fans!

On May 4 from 10am to 2pm, KCSC will be hosting “Cupcakes and Compliments” bake sale on the Siskyou Glenn. However, this is far from your typical bake sale. It will run solely off donations, giving the donator a delicious baked good and a warm, friendly compliment from a staffer working at the table. Stop on by for your treat and compliment and support KCSC!

Local Artist of the Week: Dr. Yes!
This self-described soul/electro/experimental artist is definitely one to look up if you’re interested in this genre. His new album, “The Body Electric”, reflects this own personal sci-fi and fantasy interests. Check out Dr. Yes! on his Facebook.

Staff Picks:
DJ Nilla: Art vs. Science – Magic Fountain EP

DJ DangerVenture: Adventure – Lesser Known

DJ Lead: Booka Shade – More

DJ L. Noche: Panda Bear – Tomboy

DJ No Requests: Dirty Vegas – Electric Love

DJ Tiny: Atmosphere – Lucy Ford

DJ Loglady: Erland and the Carnival – Nightengale

DJ Foreplay: Ellie Goulding – Lights

DJ Fetus Eatus: Bass Drum of Death – GB City

DJ Fix It: Fort Knox Five – Radio Free DC

DJ Tequila Mockingbird: Grandaddy – Sumday

DJ Something Something: TRON: Legecy – Reconfigured

DJ Trainwreck: Fenech Soler

DJ Mystic: Bag Raiders

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