Most Influential Radio Hosts – #15-6

Continuing right where we left off, this is the second of three installations ranking the top 25 most influential radio hosts within the last decade. Once again, as a disclaimer, this is a personal opinion with no real scientific method to it. The rankings are based on viewer numbers, show longevity, overall content, genre (political talk, sports talk, music, etc.), and probably some personal bias. This list does not reflect the viewpoints and opinions of my fellow DJs at KCSC. Now that all of the boring disclaimer stuff is out of the way, let’s continue this list!

15. Sean Hannity – The Sean Hannity Show
As the host of his self-titled radio show, The Sean Hannity Show, Sean Hannity is one of the most recognizable names among the most radical, conservative right. In addition to being a radio host reaching over 13 million people per week, he also hosts his own show on Fox News, Hannity.

14. Delilah – The Delilah Show
Easily the softest, most laid back radio show on this list (or in the history of radio for that matter), Delilah features a range of softer, more emotional love songs that people can dedicate to a friend, lover, etc. People often call the show show seeking relationship or personal advice and receive it from the extremely soft-spoken, honest, and compassionate voice that is Delilah.

13. Glenn Beck – The Glenn Beck Program
Yet another radio host of the right, conservative point of view, The Glenn Beck Program is broadcast on over 280 stations throughout the United States as well as XM stations. His show, originally out of a local radio station in Florida, jumped from 18th to 1st in local ratings in less than a year. Soon after, he had a nationally syndicated show and a television program on Fox News. His time with Fox News ended earlier this year, but he is currently the CEO of his own broadcasting company, Mercury Radio Station.

12. Don Imus – Imus in the Morning
Never shy for words, Don Imus has been a nationally syndicated radio host since the 80’s on various stations around the country. Most known recently for his harsh words about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, controversey seems to follow Imus wherever he goes. Unlike other hosts on this list, Imus in the Morning
is much more free flowing. Imus covers topics in politics, sports, general news or whatever is on his very opinionated, passionate mind.

11. Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg – Mike and Mike in the Morning
This very unique sports talk show is on very, very early in the morning and covers hot sports topics from all over the country. What makes Mike and Mike in the Morning so special is the special points of view the co-hosts bring. Greenberg, an avid New York fan, brings the perspective of a passionate fan while Golic, a former NFL lineman, brings the perspective of the athlete and provides insight from that point of view. This creative, unique blend is the spark of controversy and debate between the two friends and co-hosts.

10. Michael Savage – The Savage Nation
Yes, there is yet another conservative-minded radio host on this list. But how many of these conservative talk show hosts have degrees in medical anthropology and medical botany?Although this does not necessarily enhance his ability to influence political ideologies, The Savage Nation boasts the second most online streams of any radio show in the United States.

9. Dr. Laura Schlessinger – The Dr. Laura Program
Discontinued in 2010 (although currently on XM radio), Dr. Laura’s program features a tough love, straight to the point advice show. During its’ glory days, The Dr. Laura Program ranked as the top listened to radio show in the United States. Slight decline in popularity over the last decade and ideology differences between her and various producers ultimately led to her transition to satellite radio.

8. Dave Ramsey – The Dave Ramsey Show
After finding fortune and riches through real estate investments as a young man, Dave Ramsey turned his career to radio, offering financial advice and guidance to his listeners on over 400 stations throughout the country. In addition to The Dave Ramsey Show, Ramsey has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Today Show and even had his own show on Fox Business Network.

7. Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story
Broadcasting for the better part of 50 years, The Rest of the Story was a very in-depth, feature story show hosted by the great voice of Paul Harvey. A staple of ABC radio network, Harvey’s influence reached over 24 million listeners at his peak. He would broadcast six days per week almost every week until his death in early 2009.

6. Jim Rome – The Jungle
As one of the most recognizable voices in sports talk, Jim Rome brings his humor and no-nonsense personality to his radio show, The Jim Rome Show and his television show on ESPN, Jim Rome is Burning. Getting his start at a college radio station at UC Santa Barbara, Rome worked up the ranks all the way to the big dogs at ESPN. Rome boasts one of the top ten most listened to sports radio shows along with the third most watched television shows on ESPN.

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