Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II – Album Review


Artist: Unknown Metal Orchestra
Album: II
Release Date: February 5, 2013

From New Zealand by way of Portland oregon, Unknown Mortal Orchestra releases this follow up Album to their 2011 self titled album. This album makes you feel nostalgic, with musical styles that remind you of the mid 60’s and early 70’s. Psychedelia and funk soul fuzed and revitalized. This record bleeds influences and the iconic sounds of the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. The record was written during the band’s long endring tours and hard times on the road. The lyrics contain conflicting themes of love, loneliness and despair, all cleverly coupled with funk and groovy rock insinuated rythm and bass lines.

From the get, the album is very up beat with a melancholic tone, but as soon as lyrics enter the fold, it might make you do a double take to the opening line “isolation can put a gun in your hand”. The album contain psychedelic synths and hoppy drum beats that groove in the fashion of Pink Floyd. Most of the guitar riffs have the classic wah wah warped. The jewel of this album could be considered the third track of the album “So Good At Being In Trouble,”  which they recently just released a music video too. This song has all the elements and the what is the ultimate goal and sound of what Unknown Mortal Orchestra is and where they will continue to find successful hits on their future albums.

The album style definitely varies from song to song, they even throw in a short instrumental between tracks seven and nine that seems to merely be a space filler and transition track which smoothly drops you into the next track with hard grooving drum beat. The fun continues on till the last song “Secret Xtians,” which has a the most prominent grooving bass line in the entire album. You hear similar guitar melody in the end to the “So Good at Being in Trouble”. Solid from beginning to end,  II is a great listen for a sunny day.

Reviewed by Adan Gonzalez

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