Vast Aire – A Space Iliad – Album Review

580_28_01_13_4_26_28Artist: Vast Aire
Album: A Space Iliad
Label: Man Bites Dog Records
Release Date: January 29, 2013

Vast Aire just releas

ed his new EP entitled A Space Iliad, on January 29th, 2013 on Man Bites Dog Records.  The project is a collection of remixes and tracks that were left on the cutting room floor from his previous album, OX 2010: A Street Odyssey, which includes features from Sadat X, C-Rayz Walz, Sub Con, Double A.B., and many more.  The EP kicks off great with “Royal Purple Bag” a spacey, moody head-nodder track with real ambiance.  Vast Aire puts his signature illustrative style on display with this song which reminds fans that hip hop originated as a New York art form.  After a great start come some questionable tracks though.  “Infinity War” is rather forgettable and Vast Aire is about the only good thing on “Monster (Adrenaline Mix)” offering listeners a different, more aggressive side of Vast Aire.  Both Sadat X and C-Rayz Walz were really disappointing completely butchering the track.

The disappointment continues as “Dangerous” suffers immensely because of a boring and repetitious beat.  Production isn’t exactly strong here anyway because most of all the remixes are worse than the originals. Unfortunately they just don’t bring anything fresh or interesting to the project. To be honest I found the EP to be pretty bland.  With that being said, A Space Iliad did show glimpses of hope with tracks like “Dirty Rose” and “Sour Diesel”.  Double A.B. was a compelling fit to “Sour Diesel” and is one of the few guests who doesn’t ruin the song.  Vast Aire himself puts on a good show but, the stale beats and the disappointing features altered the EP from reaching its full potential.

Reviewed by Weston Sarver

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