L O N E R – Album Review


Blessing Chico with unadulterated talent, L O N E R delivers a transcendental sound that is altogether otherworldly. Entrancing vocalist Kelly Corfield draws the listener into a journey through the astral plane, composed of deep, ethereal beats by DMT. The celestial duo fuses elements of down-tempo beats, ambient house, jazz, and chill hip-hop samples, developing an underlying tension that engages the listener from start to finish.

Opening with airy vocals, gossam13220788_1798438543704336_3699800360708578042_oer samples, and deep beats, “trenches” establishes a meter for the album through L O N E R’s embellished fluidity and seamless transitions. Lyrics seem to effortlessly float over trip-hop grooves and listening will simply set minds adrift to revel in the musical æther. Traversing through emotions and brooding in delivery, “swine” brings out complex layers on both a musical and
personal level as an account of someone being subjected to societal interactions that are self-justifying.

Songs “mvmnt” and “entropy” strike chords that are borderline metaphysical in demeanor, playing on aspects of science that run parallel and deep within the human experience. Speaking to such matters, the vocals and ambience of both tracks hit on a soul-shaking level, drawing the listener in deeper into L O N E R’s essence. Then “piece (loathe)” and “hatred (loss)” trudge through heavy sentiments, speaking with passion and poignant expression. Being emotionally relevant and coupled with intricate rhythms, anyone will relate with similar feelings while indulging in the experience L O N E R creates for their audience.

Possessing an unparalleled uniqueness to their sound, L O N E R is certain to capture attention with the talent contained in their loner EP. Find their full EP for download under lonerca.bandcamp.com.

—Written by Nevada Inocencio

Written by Web Team

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