Internview with Mathieu Mai

Welcome back KCSC listeners, This week’s Internview is with one of our own board of directors Mathieu Mai!

DJ name?

So let’s get to the basics, Mathieu’s DJ name is DJ Dong.The Dong is used as currency in Vietnam, so Mathieu uses it as a play on words because of his Vietnamese background. In our interview he also added that the motivation behind the name is in part because Dong is just funny to say, and I speak for all of us with a middle school sense of humor when I say I agree

When can you listen and what to expect:

So what is DJ Dong’s show all about? Well I will tell you. When listening to his show you should come into it expecting a wide range of Hip Hop music with some other genres, like Electronic, sprinkled in to keep the selection diverse. One of the artists that Mathieu highly recommends and can be heard on his show is Father. So if you’re familiar with Father or want to hear some of his stuff definitely tune in to Mathieu’s show on Friday’s at 12 pm.  

Recommended artist?

As was stated above one of Mathieu’s recommended artist was Father. So, If enjoy modern Hip Hop and cannot wait to check him out on Fridays, here are some songs that Mathieu has picked out for all of you to check out.

    • Look At Wrist
    • Why Don’t You
    • Vamp
    • Fuck up the Sheraton

What does Mathieu do at the Station?

In addition to sharing great music with us on Friday’s, Mathieu is also on the Board of Directors who help keep the radio station running. However this role was not an expected one for Mathieu, he originally only joined the radio station because he heard KCSC playing Outcast while they were tabling on campus. He, having a love for the artist, was prompted to get involved with KCSC. His passion eventually grew as his internship went on and now he is busy working to get the radio station back to it’s former glory while setting up a strong foundation for all the future students who get involved.

What program is Mathieu involved in?

Mathieu is on the Board of directors and more specifically he is the Director of Productions. So he is responsible for all the video that you see on the website. Some of which feature local artists from our own campus. In summary, he helps give the local artists a platform to share music with all of you, our listeners. However this awesome cause was not actually how Mathieu ended up working with productions, he actually got into this great program because of his background in editing from his High School days.

Opinion on the Non-Commercial status of the radio station?

As a B.O.D. (Board of Director) Mathieu had knowledge of the inner workings of the station. So with this perspective he views the status of the radio station as a bit less professional than other college radio stations. We are not counting or relying on our viewers (although you are all deeply appreciated) so KCSC does not have the pressures that other radio stations do. However, Mathieu does not think this lack of pressure should affect the quality of the station and because of that he is working really hard to give our listeners an even better experience. On a positive note, Mathieu does think that KCSC’s casual atmosphere allows for a lot of enthusiasm and passion from the students involved.

What does Mathieu do outside of KCSC?

Along with being a B.O.D.  and having a show on Friday, Mathieu also mixes music on the side and is investing in turntables to further practice his hobby. His interest in mixing came from his father, who used to mix and actually DJ’d shows at his age. Mathieu also works as a DJ/Hype man as well. In other words he lives and breathes music.


KCSC is a Non-Commercial radio station, so listeners are greatly valued in all numbers. Mathieu averages about five listeners, but the highest number of listeners he has gotten reached the double digits, eleven to be exact and Mathieu was excited.

Words for the listeners?

We here at KCSC love our listeners and Mathieu is no exception, so his choice words to all of you who tune in are (roughly)  “Thanks for listening, I know that there many other avenues for you to listen to your own music, so it means alot that you all would take the time to listen to mine”.

That concludes this Internview, thanks for reading and listening and remember to tune in Friday’s at 12pm!

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