Loud Hailer – Jeff Beck

By: Lauren McGowanLoud Hailer

Jeff Beck breaks his six-year silence with a loudspeaker, or as the Brits call it, Loud Hailer. While maintaining his classic guitar rock, Beck reaches further out to Rosie Bones and

Carmen Vandenberg, members of a hip UK-based rock band, to bring life to his old sounds. The 72-year-old Hall-of-Famer explores the world’s crises through honest ebbs and flows.

“This shit is real, baby.”

One of the first lyrics from the album sets the tone as he dives into dark subject matter real-quick. The powerful drums, bass, female vocals, and guitar solos make for an epic intro. The next two songs, “Live in the Dark” and “Pull It” follow this hard rock pattern; “Pull It” takes a more electronic turn with heavy bass and dirty guitar riffs reminiscent of something the Brooklyn pop duo, Sleigh Bells, might produce.

With the hard, loud, rock comes the gentle slow jams. “Scared For the Children” breaks the direction for a moment and takes the listeners back to the harsh reality of the world. The song describes what the world has come to through the lives of kids who are in broken homes and can’t live the same innocent life they once could back in the day, “this is the end of the age of the innocent,” vocalist Rosie Bones repeats.

Do not be fooled by his age, Jeff Beck proves that old guys really do rock. While his guitar skills are incredible, the music he has produced is more than that. A combination of old soul and modern techniques is an equation for success.

Written by Music Director

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