The Adventures of Prince Achmed – Morricone Youth

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Rocking out of New York, New York, Morricone Youth stand out as the epitome of a timeless and limitless band that is bound by no musical standards or lack of talent. Ever since their forming in 1999, Morricone Youth has been dedicated to writing, performing and recording music specifically written for the big screen, a.k.a. film and television.

Currently composed of six artists—whom vary from past members of Fruit Bats to past members of Wilco—this band has an incredible amount of talent, which can you hear throughout their entire new EP, The Adventures of Prince Achmed (2016). This band is like no other in that they are constantly evolving and mixing and matching members, as they currently have 13 past members.

What separates this band from the rest and allows them to stand out like a rose among thorns is that they specialize and focus solely on composing and performing original music for projected films; some from as long ago as 1922. Their latest EP—released in September of 2016—is named The Adventures of Prince Achmed, after Lottie Reiniger’s film The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1925). Reiniger’s German animated silent film is actually the oldest known surviving animated film and Morricone Youth did it justice with their production for it.

Throughout the entire EP, you are constantly being whipped around from a surf rock vibe to a bossa nova feel due to their garage-rock guitar riffs and abundant use of saxophones, trumpets, clarinets and flutes. One moment you feel as though you’re cruising down Venice Beach and then the next as though you’re in a small café deep in Brazil.

This is a great EP for anyone whose music taste doesn’t lie inside the box or anywhere near it. For anyone who feels like tripping, on music, this is a go-to album. It’s psychedelic feel and foreign sound combines for something you’d only hear in a 1925 German animated silent film; so it’s safe to Morricone Youth nailed the EP.

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