P.O.S. – Chill, Dummy

P.O.S is straight out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with a crazy genre bending sound. I first heard him when I was roaming around on MySpace. He had a great song called ‘Never Better” that was so different, full of percussion and vibrant guitar riffs. This album has the same, different sound. Much more mainstream as you could say, for this guy.

The first song on this album “Chill, Dummy” definitely comes off very alternative and punky. The smoothly transitions to a more old school hip hop beat with some pretty clever bars. Instantly showing you his diversity. I feel he can gain many new fans and keep the ones that have been around. The third song “Bully” caught me off guard. It continued the trend of hip-hop with sounding like a weird combo of Tyler the Creator and Royce Da 5’9. Weird in a good way. Killer flow. “Pieces/Ruins” comes in with a sharply produced beat, very simple beat sustained by some solid bars. The second half of the album is a little less hip-hop and more punk alt. However, that’s what I like about this guy and why I think he has stuck around.

Overall great album has so many different flavors and appeals. Everyone should check this out and I’m sure you’ll find a song that you can vibe with.


By: Drew Thomas-Del Grande

Written by Music Director

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