There you Go – Cost of Attrition


The opener to There You Go, “Not Your Psycho,” features intertwining genres of metal and pop with a catchy chorus where “people think I’m psycho.” These lyrics of escaping the perception of others and trying to sprout into your own is a great starting point for a band that breaks musical barriers and creates their own sound. The following song “Oh Yeah” has more of a pop sound, reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock. It still has elements of metal but takes on a more romantic view with Wheeler singing “Hey now ain’t that love.”

The third and final track is the album-titled “There You Go,” featuring a driving rhythm coupled with plucking guitar. Later on, the added electric guitar emphasizes the story being told: A woman holding a hostage with a shotgun. What really stands out is the way the music is able to play off your expectations; the love the singer feels is relatable to being taken hostage and is able to provide a narrative around that.

Instrumentalist Joshua Grow and singer Wheeler Castenada are able to blend different influential genres together to synthesize a new and amazing sound. To get the full experience of the album There You Go one would have to listen to it live; something that can be done as Cost of Attrition tours all over the eastern United States playing at festivals, bars, and everything in between.

By: Seann Romero

Written by Music Director

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