Purusa – Soundtrack EP

With their name deriving from Hindu sacred texts that mean both soul and man, Purusa has been making music from Portland since late 1999. Combining elements of rock and roll, soul, blues and alternative, you get the four piece band Purusa. With the Soundtrack EP only consisting of 3 tracks, you really only get a taste of who Purusa is, but definitely want more after a few listens. Luckily this is their third studio album, so if need be, there’s more listening material just a few clicks away.

The opening song on the album called “Soundtrack” already shows the listener where this EP is headed. Sounding very reminiscent of The Fray and Kings of Leon, Purusa provides lots of reverberated guitar, light smooth vocals, and very airy swells that carry throughout the track. The second track “Fall Behind” has similar aspects to the first song, but takes a different stylistic approach, almost sounding like a mixture of Band of Horses and The Black Keys. It’s a very blues/rock and roll inspired track, and you can really feel the grittiness in it. The chemistry between the band can really be heard throughout the entire EP, and it’s easily distinguishable that they work extremely well together.

To most, a three track EP is just an appetizer, and will not satisfy the hunger for good new music, but Purusa demonstrates that they have what it takes to make a good project, and listening to their past work, they show just what they have in store for the future. With their last full length album released a few years ago, hopefully they will continue to grow and develop as a group and release a full length project in the near future. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

By: Terren Husges

Written by Web Team

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