Such A Mess – Stay Right Where You Are


Based out of Los Angeles, Such a Mess started creating punk/emo jams in 2010. Since then, they have perfected the pop punk sound with their latest album “Stay Right Where You Are”.  The 5-track masterpiece starts with “Noah’s Arcade”, a personal favorite, which is composed of a catchy guitar riff, fast drumbeats, and lastly, a passionate vocalist. “25 and barely alive” is a feeling that most of us can say we have related to at some point of our young adolescence. For me, that is what makes “Stay Right Where You Are” appealing; it’s relatable and says the things you think but never say.

Such A Mess gives the listener honest, blunt lyrics tackling issues such as self-doubt/self hate and longing for a lover’s attention. Musically, Such a Mess balances the beauty of higher pitched vocals with the hard, chaotic rock vibes of the instruments. I was fortunate enough to see them preform live here in town at the 1078 Gallery. The passion (and sweat) portrayed by each member shows both live and recorded. For lack of a better word, they were badass. Self-reflection is a journey that the listener experiences from start to finish within the 2000’s punk style collection.

In addition, multiple lyric references to “ringing ears” throughout the album display the constant presence of a missed ex lover and also show track interconnection and an overarching theme of permanence. The album concludes with “20/20”, which I can best describe as the bread and butter of pop punk. This is an acoustic song (the only one on this particular album) that is composed of an emotional soft melody that makes every girl swoon. As a past lover for scene groups such as All Time Low and A Day To Remember, I can say this song takes you back for a pleasant stop to that time in your musical taste.  The song focuses on the desire for a past lover and acceptance that “it’s ok, I’ll get you next time”. If you vibe to bands like Neck Deep or Real Friends, Such A Mess is for you. Lets face it life sucks sometimes and you want to get all up in your feels; this album is for those moments.


By: Elizabeth Face

Written by Music Director

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