The Regrettes – Feel Your Feelings Fool!

It is hard to believe that this LA based group of teens, who describe themselves as “babies playing rock n roll”, created such a golden debut album;”Feel Your Feeling Fool!” The Regrettes lead singer, Lydia Night is only 16 and already tearing it up with her brutally honest lyrics and raw 90’s grunge sound.  The Regrettes focus on mature topics such as female empowerment and ending harmful, dead-end relationships. The best part of all of this is they manage to do it in a comical way that hooks you in and make you laugh and sing along. This album represents the views and ideals of our generation, displays the importance of social issues, and ultimately shows the overall push towards less judgment and more love.


A previously released single, “A Living Human Girl” explores the perceived societal flaws of young girls through surf punk electrical guitar riffs and “f*ck you” lyrics. Night even makes fun of herself due to her lack of ladylike traits and rapid change of feelings/emotions. The down to earth vibe is critical to their sound and reminds me of bands such as No Doubt and TACOCAT. It is not shocking that The Regrettes are grabbing a mass amount of attention in the LA music scene.


Tracks like “Hot” and “Ladylike/ WHATTABITCH” show the spunky, I don’t care adolescent vibes that any age indie rock lovers can jam to. Feel Your Feelings Fool is an album that cuts the fluff; it’s about upfront, basic ideals minus the “fake bullshit”. Both tracks prove that simplicity is catchy and relatable.


Similar to Best Coast, The Regrettes have that iconic So-cal, beachy, garage band feel and sound that creates immediate obsession and earns a number 1 spot on your summer playlist. Seriously though, this album rocks.


By: Elizabeth Face

Written by Music Director

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