Small Town, Big Sound


Go to any music show in Chico and there will always be three things there: great drinks, a great performance, and a great community. From festivals and plays at The End of Normal, Chico Unplugged at The Bear, to even Green Day’s American Idiot being put on by Chico State’s theatre, there is always something to do and something to see in this growing community. At the heart of all these events are the local talents that make the show possible: KCSC Radio, Uncle Dad’s Art Collective, SOTA, and so many more. No matter where the show is in Chico I can always count on great performances and a great sound.

This past weekend was no exception: Small Town, Big Sound premiered at the Sierra Nevada Big Room that showcased 14 local songwriters, all backed by orchestra members of Uncle Dad’s Art Collective. Each songwriter differed greatly from one another – not only in melodies and genres but in age, personalities, and walks of life. These musicians were ordinary people who had an excellent musical idea they wanted to show to their community and in return they received praise, time in the studio to record their song, and a live performance at Chico’s largest national brewery. Each song and songwriter told a different melody, a different story that encaptured us all for their few minutes of playing.

Every talent, including the orchestra of Uncle Dad’s, could headline a show in Chico by themselves – and they probably will. If you would like to see and support great musicians while having a good time, what better way than with other Chicoans? Many times local artists perform on the Bell Memorial Union lawn during the school day and hold interviews on KCSC Radio. If you enjoy dancing, socializing with other cool people, or simply listening to great music by talented local people you should definitely see a local show today.

-Seann Romero

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