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Internview: Lars Gustafson

Lars Gustafson

What’s Your Major?
Journalism. I really found a passion in sports media in the past couple of years and was really happy to find that at Chico State

Favorite Genre Currently?
Classic Rock

What’s your favorite show/concert you’ve ever been to?
Rage Against the Machine, Muse, & Immortal Technique at the LA Coliseum. It was Rage Against the Machine’s reunion concert and the first show they played in 20 years.

If you could see ANY artist right now in concert, dead or alive, who would you choose?
I’ve always really wanted to see the Foo Fighters live. Or Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’d say they’re tied.

Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar. I’ve been playing for about 6 years now.

Favorite song to play on your guitar?
That’s a tough one. Saw Red by Sublime is a pretty fun one to play.

What’s your DJ name?
DJ Gussy. I didn’t choose it but it was sort of given to me and I kind of liked to so I just stuck with it.

What kind of music do you play on your show?
I’m actually doing a sports radio show. So I talk a lot about fantasy football, NFL predictions, and Bay Area sports. It’s on Thursdays at 7pm.

What’s your favorite sport?
Definitely Football. Basketball comes in a close second.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’d go to my aunt’s house in the Bahamas.

What is your spirit animal?
Definitely a grizzly bear because I’m hairy.


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Haidy Velasquez

It’s time! Yes, another week, another internview. This time we are interviewing Haidy Velasquez! Also I apologize guy’s but there will be no preface today guys, just going to dive right into the questions! Here we go!

1.) Haidy is the Promotions Director here at KCSC. So what does that mean? Well, I will tell you, she is the one who directs all of promotion. Pretty self explanatory I guess, but there will be no room for error in this interview so explain I shall! To further clarify, I am sure most of you have been near the BMU or Library and heard some great music blaring from a stand directly in front of the student store, well that is Haidy. She tables and gets all of you informed on our program and what we do.

2.)So what is our Director of Productions DJ name? DJ Peaceskis. For what reason you may ask? A political statement on peace and love? Nope. She literally just thought of it one day at random. The lesson to be learned here: Don’t look too deep into everything, some things are simple!

3.)In addition to her awesomely random DJ name, Haidy also has one of the best show names I have ever heard. Are you ready? Dark Roast, Extra Bold. If you are a caffeine junkie like me your heart may very well have fluttered upon reading that and if you are interested her show is on Mondays at 4pm. So if you hate Monday’s and need to some caffeination, tune in at 4pm to get a good dose of Dark Roast, Extra Bold.

4.)As if Haidy’s show name wasn’t enough to pull you in, her show features music of the pop punk and “sad boy” persuasion. Haidy is drawn to these genres because they sound great. They pick here up when she is down(following the Monday theme) and ironically enough “sad boy” music makes her the happiest. I can understand that, there is nothing like connecting to lyrics that make you feel a sense of relief and unity, like you are not alone.

5.)If you were interested in Haidy’s music, of course tune in, but also listen to some of her recomendations: Modern Baseball, Dance Gavin Dance, The Cardboard Swords and Somos.

6.)As we have already gone over, Haidy is a Director, but how did she get here? In our interview, she stated that she overheard someone having a conversation about it and also had a friend and involved, both of which got the ball rolling.

7.) “What do you feel KCSC offers its listeners that other stations don’t?” I asked Haidy this and she responded that the people we have on air are just so fun and the music played hasn’t charted so it exposed people to up and comings and diverse artists they may not have known otherwise.

8.)As you may or may not know, KCSC is noncommercial and student run. This is unusual so I asked Haidy how she felt that affected the quality of the station and her response was that it allows for so much freedom over what is played and said. The station is unregulated and she thinks that gives us an edge.
9.)In her time at KCSC Haidy has learned a lot. Some of which she shared with me in our interview. She said that she has learned how to utilize social media which is a useful skill, but the most important thing she gained from the radio station was a close group of friends.
What does Haidy have to say to you guys? I asked and she responded with this;
“All hail our lord and savior, Mason.”
10.)I also asked Haidy what her most embarrassing moment on air was and she declined to answer. Sorry guys.

As always, We love and appreciate all of you and tune in!!

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Jay Cobarrubias Internview

Hello loyal and appreciated fans, it is time for another Internview! *insert applause* This time our Intern of the week is Jay Cobarrubias. In this week’s interview I asked a ton of hard hitting questions. Some of the questions were the typical “DJ name and why?” but the real questions ranged anywhere from DJ names to spirit animals, I know, hold on to your seats for this one folks. Anyways, that is enough prefacing for today. Let’s get to the questions!

1.)Today we will start off with the old go to, “DJ name and why?”. Jay’s DJ name happens to be DJ Jizzy Jay, which, for whatever reason, reminds me of an old school rapper or maybe beat boxer. However, despite this connection my mind made, his name was actually inspired by his nickname in highschool.

2.)The next generic but important question I tackled was what times you can tune into Jay’s show and when you do, what you can expect. I found that Jay has a diverse station, playing Soul, Jazz and R&B music. Interested? I was, and if you are not convinced yet then I am gonna let you guy’s in on the secret to paradise. Its Jazz music and Rain. Hands down the best combination ever. So, being that it is the winter months in Chico, I recommend that you curl up and tune in on your tuesdays from 6-7pm.

3.)As mentioned above, Jay plays Jazz, Soul and R&B. But why? I mean I myself completely understand the choice, but for those of you who have yet to understand the wonder of all these genre’s here is an insider’s perspective of why you should get into it. Love and Emotion. The two reasons Jay chooses to play these genre’s. Its pretty simple and relatable, a recipe I find always works. According to Jay, Soul, Jazz and R&B all communicate love and emotion in a way that other genres do not and that’s why he loves them and chooses to share them with all of you.

4.)So know that we know all about Jay’s show, lets get into what he does for the station. When Jay is not doing his show he is helping the Web Design team keep the cite you are all on running. In fact Jay does internviews just like this one. But it is not all computers and interviews, on occasion he gets to make kick ass buttons that eventually make their way to all of you. My favorite job if you ask me.

5.)Before Jay got into the Web Design team he had to apply to be an intern a choice which he made in part because his girlfriend has done it before and also because it is a fun GPA boost.

6.)“How do you think the fact that KCSC is a non-commercial radio station affects the environment for the staff and overall quality of the station?” This is one of the Hard Hitters guys, but it did not stump Jay. He responded, almost immediately that he thought the environment was relaxed and really casual. He specifically brought up the fact that we only have one rule, no popular music, which makes us anything but average and always diverse. In fact the only downside that he could come up with was that the equipment we use is outdated, a small price to pay for getting to share music with all of you guys.

7.)Jay, Like all of the interns, is passionate about what he does and wants to improve for all of his listeners. Some of his goals include finding new music, having someone call in, which all of you can help with, and having more interviews on the show.

8.)Alright, The last and most exciting question, What is DJ Jizzy Jay’s spirit animal? The answer is not typical. It is not a lion, or tiger or bear(oh my), no, Jay’s spirit animal is a Koala. The cute and fuzzy bears that eat Eucalyptus. Yes. You did read that right and you read it here first! As always, KCSC loves you guys and tune in!!

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