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Internview with Mark Hendrickson

What’s your name?
My name is Mark Hendrickson

DJ name and why?
My DJ name is DJ Guru and I chose that because a guru is supposed to be an expert at what they do, plus I think guru is a fun word to say.

What time is your show and what genres do you play?
My show is Fire Beatz and it starts at 3 P.M. every Sunday. As far as genres go, I play pretty much everything, as long as it’s new music. Typical shows can range anywhere from psychedelic pop to reggae.

If you were to be given entire creative freedom over your show what would you do or play?
If I were to be given complete creative freedom, I would like to focus on hip hop / rap rather than playing any genre at random and I would also like to incorporate more dialogue into each show that might draw listeners.

What staff are you on and what sparked your interest in that staff?
I’m in Productions Staff and I chose to join that staff because I’ve always enjoyed photography and videography and Productions Staff gave me the best way to continue practicing and possibly turn a hobby into something more serious
In general, why did you choose to intern here at KCSC?
I chose to intern at KCSC because I enjoy music and I hadn’t joined a club yet and I had heard there was opportunity to work with cameras and produce content.

How do you think the fact that KCSC is a non-commercial radio station affects the environment for the staff and overall quality of the station?
If KCSC was a commercial radio station, the regulations tied with the FCC would eliminate the possibility for new interns to even have a radio show for the fear of accidently slipping or playing music that’s not censored. The relaxed nature of internet radio provides an atmosphere that doesn’t make radio intimidating.

What are the perks of having a student run staff?
The perks of having a student run staff include many of the same benefits included with having a non-commercial radio station. The student run staff promotes individual creativity with less emphasis on regulation and rules.

Do you feel that KCSC offers a diverse music selection for its listeners?
Yes. Diverse is the primary word I would use to describe the music offered by KCSC. Often times a lot of the music I play for my show is music that I’ve never even listened to.

What’s your goal for your show by the end of this semester?
My goal for my show by the end of the semester is to be good enough to have people want to listen to me. It takes more than a script and a few CD’s to make a show interesting.

Well there you have it folks, DJ Guru on Fire Beats at 3:00 pm every Sunday, Tune in!

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Laura Schroerlucke Internview


AGE: 18



What genres are you listening to currently?

  • I listen to a lot of blues-ey alternative. New age music that incorporates a lot of guitar and has a trance feel to it, like Tame Impala. It really just depends on my mood, but I just like feel good music most of the time.

Do you play any instruments?

  • I dabble in ukulele and I sing. My mom knows how to play every instrument. Guitar, clarinet, oboe, tuba piano, bassoon, trumpet, brass instrument. Literally every wind instrument. She’s awesome.

What’s your favorite show you’ve ever been to?

  • Tame Impala

If you could see ANY artist right now live, dead or alive, who would you choose?

  • Jimi Hendrix. That would be awesome. Or Pearl Jam, that’d be cool, too.

Do you have any songs that are stuck on repeat recently?

  • I try to listen to songs that I don’t keep listening to over and over. I feel like when you listen to a song over and over, you don’t recognize it like a treasure anymore. I want to listen to each song and hold on to it, not burn it out. If I had to choose a song it would either be “This Magic Moment” by The Drifters or “Formation” by Beyoncé. I turn that on in the morning and that song get me going.

How long do you listen to music every day?

  • I’d say like 5 hours a day I listen to music. I have a 3 hour long art class so I just plug in my headphones and paint while listening to music the whole time.

If you had the choice to live in another time what decade would you choose?

  • Honestly the 60s. It was kind of a fun time to be alive. There was counter-culture, a music revolution, a sexual revolution, a lot of people protesting against war, and it was all very new. I can just imagine myself just drinking my milkshake in a little diner. It would be cool.

Do you have a spirit animal?


  • Wim Hof. This guys breathing and mind control techniques have been scientifically proven to regulate his nervous system and immune system. They basically but him in Finland where the temperature is -4°F for 5 hours. All he was wearing was boxers and he kept his body temperature at 98°F. He’s like this limitless superhuman that shows that you can do anything with your mind, and it reminds me that I can do anything no matter what situation I’m in. My second spirit animal would be Beyoncé. She embraces her sexuality and being a woman, and it makes me feel like I can do the same.
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KCSC Radio Staff Internviews

This semester, KCSC is proud to announce that we will be introducing a new segment on our website called INTERNVIEWS!

Internviews will spotlight the staff of KCSC, both old and new. You’ll get to see all the people that help to make our station run swimmingly, what their interests are, and understand why they have so much love for KCSC!

Stick around for internviews and get excited!!

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