KCSC Radio was one of the first radio stations streaming on the internet in Northern California back in 1999. We’ve greatly upgraded our stream quality and reliability since then and now offer 4 different streams: 3 MP3 and 1 experimental stream in AAC+ quality.

Have a Listen! If you are having trouble keeping the stream open, try opening this page in a new tab and browsing our website on a separate tab.

Mobile Listening

iphoneYou can download the official KCSC iOS mobile app here: iTunes

Direct Streams

Most PC, Macintosh, and Linux audio player programs will allow you to open an internet stream directly or can be configured to automatically open .PLS or .M3U links that you click on a web page. Try clicking on the links below or copy and paste the link into your favorite music player.

iTunes and other Media players





128k –

64k –

24k –

Windows Media Player




128k –

64k –

24k –

AACplus Stream – WinAMP only


32k –

AACplus sounds as good as our highest bitrate stream, but uses very little bandwidth. This stream works best under Winamp.

Help with Streaming

KCSC uses Shoutcast’s MP3 streaming technology to push our broadcast to the world. If you’re on a DSL or Cable internet connection, the 128kbps stream should work. Public wireless users might prefer the 64kbps connection and those on dial-up connections will need to use the 24kbps connection.

To take advantage of the CD-quality 32kbps aacPlus stream, you need the latest version of Winamp. Available free from