Little Fictions- Elbow

Little Fictions is masterfully structured in a way that walks the listener through every step of the story that the album tells. The perfectly paired vocals of Guy Garvey and grandiose instrumentals in the first song, Magnificent (She Says) set the tone of the whole album. Starting off with a high-energy guitar and then transitioning into an orchestral violin, the song creates a feeling of new beginning like the theme song to a movie reel of a couple dancing in the rain just before the climax of their story. The album continues further into the narrative with the song Gentle Storm, which picks up the story told in Magnificent (She says) this time with more telling lyrics. Garvey asks his love interest; the gentle storm, to rage his way.

Elbow pulls the listener into the story with both of these introductory songs and walks them through the excitement and infatuation of the beginning of his love, emotionally investing them in the story only to rip those giddy feelings away with the songs to follow, taking the listener down a similar emotional path than the one he endured. Each of the following songs takes on a different emotional tone, from anger, to sadness, despair, betrayal, and then forgiveness. The emotional roller-coaster that the album takes you on is magnificently relatable and captivating. Elbow is nothing less than a life lesson wrapped up in the soothing vocals of Garvey and enchanting instrumentals that accompany him in this narrative.

The final song of the album leaves you feeling calm and reflective, in a sort of clarity that only the feeling of love and lose can give you. In that way Little Fictions has not only perfectly captured the ups and downs of heartbreak, but also effectively left the listener with something more than a new playlist to listen to. With this album Little fictions has given all their fans anthems to comfort them in times of heartbreak and a story to relate to, which gives the album amazing depth and exceptional quality.

By: Sidney Corkery

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More Than a Friend, Less Than a Lover – Summer Underground

By: Ryan Tubbs

Built on heartwarming memories and heart braking moments, More than a Friend, Less Than a Lover is Summer Underground’s latest release and man, oh, man does it hit you right in the feels. This indie duo—Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman—possess that special singer/song writer touch that leaves you thinking of happier and simpler times.

This new album from Summer Underground is raw and genuine; you can hear them sing from their hearts and you can hear their natural, pure talent in every note and every pitch. While the guitar and drums throughout the album were recorded in a studio in Ligioner, PA, every single other musical instrument or vocals heard in the album were recorded throughout the country in various bedrooms, basements, apartments and even hotel rooms.

This isn’t a Hollywood, auto-tune using band looking to make millions of dollars; this is an authentic duo doing what they love to do and allowing others to enjoy their success along the way. Every single song is an original written solely by the band and you can hear it in their reminiscent voices and melodic beats.

Whether you’re lounging on the sofa or cruising cross-country, this album is a go-to for anyone looking for a loving and warm batch of songs to put them at ease or bring hope for the future. The entire album relies on themes such as love, misery, hope and self-discovery, bringing you that sense of “home.”

Summer Underground isn’t looking to suck you in with catchy, repeated lyrics and ear-shattering beats, they are looking to make you fall in love with their poetic, meaningful lyrics and raw, natural guitar riffs and piano notes. More than a Friend, Less Than a Lover is a must-have album for anyone who’s a fan of happy-go-
lucky, yet heartbreaking music that’ll leave you thinking of the one you love.

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P.O.S. – Chill, Dummy

P.O.S is straight out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with a crazy genre bending sound. I first heard him when I was roaming around on MySpace. He had a great song called ‘Never Better” that was so different, full of percussion and vibrant guitar riffs. This album has the same, different sound. Much more mainstream as you could say, for this guy.

The first song on this album “Chill, Dummy” definitely comes off very alternative and punky. The smoothly transitions to a more old school hip hop beat with some pretty clever bars. Instantly showing you his diversity. I feel he can gain many new fans and keep the ones that have been around. The third song “Bully” caught me off guard. It continued the trend of hip-hop with sounding like a weird combo of Tyler the Creator and Royce Da 5’9. Weird in a good way. Killer flow. “Pieces/Ruins” comes in with a sharply produced beat, very simple beat sustained by some solid bars. The second half of the album is a little less hip-hop and more punk alt. However, that’s what I like about this guy and why I think he has stuck around.

Overall great album has so many different flavors and appeals. Everyone should check this out and I’m sure you’ll find a song that you can vibe with.

By: Drew Thomas-Del Grande

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