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Administrative Directors

Sam Pickup
General Manager
Media Arts | Junior
DJ Too Ham Sam 

Hailing from Redondo Beach, California, Sam Pickup is the General Manager of KCSC. Sam has been working with the station for four semesters and is kind of cool, I guess. His hair makes him look like a human paintbrush and his favorite color is burnt sienna. His show name is “Artsy Aggression” although there seems to be a lot more aggression than art. If Sam isn’t at work or school, he can be found watching “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross”.

Nicole Coffield
Programming Director
PR/Communication Design | Grandma-Senior
DJ Salinger

Hailing from Redding, the capital of the beautiful state of Jefferson, Nicole is excited to bring innovative and exciting new programs to KCSC Radio as the station’s programming director. If she isn’t at the station or working on her degrees in Mass Communication and PR, Nicole can be found watching the latest movie at The Pageant or supporting our local music scene. If you see her at one of any the shows, come and say hi. You can listen to her Wednesdays at 6PM on her show, “My Little Underground”, where she plays classic college rock songs and shows what KCSC has in their vinyl collection. CHECK IT OUT!!

Music Directors

Kacie Gin
Music Director
History | Senior
DJ Craisin

Hailing from the sunny surf town of San Luis Obispo, Kacie enjoys the simple pleasures in life such as petting dogs and watching game shows. As a super senior History major with a bunch of irrelevant minors, she has embraced the cynicism that the world has given her and always has a sarcastic remark up her sleeve. She is almost always caffeinated and most likely drinking out of a jar, even if they break on her time and time again. Taco, her pet leopard gecko, accompanies her at her home desk whilst she cries and panics over senior theses, but have no fear, for animals outnumber humans in her apartment. If you ever need a conversation starter with her, just bring up dogs, she will eat that crap up. #protectsamatallcosts

Chance Watts
Assistant Music Director
Music Industry & Recording Arts | Senior
DJ Turn Down For Watts

Chance comes from the mystic land of Washington State. Although he was born in Monterey, his heart belongs to the Pacific Northwest. Chance is a drummer and has been playing and enjoying music for over a decade. His job at KCSC is to do just about everything Kacie tells him to, including collecting debts and delivering threats. Be sure to tune into Chance’s show “Happy Happy Fun Times” every Monday at 1pm for great music that is all across the board.

Joe Wiggins
RPM Director
Music Industry | Senior
DJ WiggyBeats 

Joseph Negrete Wiggins, aka DJ WiggyBeats, comes from a relatively unknown place called Phelan, California. He is a Senior currently working towards his degree in Music Industry. When Joe first came to Chico he started a DJ duo named The Medix. During his time under The Medix, he joined KCSC Radio after a hometown friend introduced him to the station one day. The vibe and musical freedom the station provided him helped grow into the electronic DJ/radio host he is today. His show “Electronic Power Hour” is Mondays 9pm.

Jacob Koertge
Hip Hop Director
Business Management | Senior
DJ 34 

Jacob Koertge is a Business Management Senior at Chico State University with a minor in Sustainability. Jacob has been writing about music for nearly four years as the founder of the Hip-Hop based website, Land Ground, and as a contributing writer for Ambrosia For Jacob was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, raised in Worcester, Massachusetts and has been living in Chico, California since November of 2010. After graduation, Jacob looks to get a job in the Music Industry as a writer.

  José Gonzalez
Local Music Director
Music Industry & Recording Arts | Junior
DJ foxspacely 

Dynamic, articulate, perceptive, courageous, outspoken. These words are often used to describe José Gonzalez aka “foxspacely.” Born in Mexico City, raised in La Puente, and currently operating out of Chico, José is a man of many facets. These facets include, but are not limited to, running a record label (spacebasedfonix), producing music, writing songs, and eating pizza. José first joined KCSC because fate lead him to it, and he has not looked back ever since. An artist at heart and leader by design, José is a shining star against the vast void that is known as the fabric of spacetime.

Promotions Directors

Haidy Velasquez
Promotions Director
Music Industry  | Senior
DJ Peaceskis

Haidy loves the simple things in life: coffee, music, and hair dye. With this being her last semester, she’s looking forward to making interns see the greatness of KCSC, and making them fear her (Not really tho). Want to know how she feels about the weather? Then just tune into her show “Dark Roast Extra Bold” Mondays at 4pm. If you ever want to find her, just walk into the station because she’s probably sleeping on the couch, reading Buzzfeed articles about food, or protecting our sweet cinnamon roll GM. #protectsamatallcosts

Peter Angelonides
Assistant Promotions Director
Environmental Science | Senior
DJ Flippy Nips

Originally from Folsom, California, Peter Angelonides, an innocent man-child chose to attend Chico state to further his education. Inspired by a high school professor, he chose to study Environmental Science. Later, he fell in love with the concept of eco-modernist thought and added a minor in Sustainability Management. He is a DJ by day and a Chipotle burrito roller by night. He is usually seen living in the radio station either eating, sleeping, or talking. Ask him about his favorite type of mint. (The environmint.) He also loves music ranging from rock to trip hop, jazz, and brass music. One day, he hopes to work in public policy in the environmental protection agency. For now, burritos, music, and great friends make up his whole world!

  Kelsey Hernandez
Events Coordinator
Music Industry 
& Recording Arts | Senior

Originally from Southern California, Kelsey Hernandez, aka BATZ, came to Chico State for the Music Industry and Recording Arts Program. She found her home away from home one fine day in the Spring of 2014. Since then she has consecutively lived at KCSC Radio. Except for that one semester when she studied abroad in Sweden. This is Kelsey‘s second round on BOD, as she was previously assistant promotions director. This semester, Batz will be working around the clock to find rad ticket giveaways for festivals and events throughout California.

  Taylor Kurupas
Social Media Coordinator
Social Science | Junior

Taylor joined KCSC first semester of her freshman year and has been loving it ever since. She’s originally from San Diego,which explains her love for surf punk among other indie rock and lo-fi genres. Her favorite past times are going to concerts, eating out, and watching good movies. Her passions include history, political science, and sociology which is why she’s majoring in Social Science with an emphasis on Gender and Sexuality studies. After grad school, she wants to teach high school in San Francisco. She hopes to enlighten the next generations of students through education, but at least good music.

Production Directors

Mathieu Mai
Productions Director
Kinesiology | Junior
DJ Dong

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Mathieu has a knack for gaming, streetwear, and cooking. Raised on hip hop, he is well versed in all eras of the genre but loves everything from classical, to jazz, to electronic. He has been with KCSC radio since Fall 2014, his first semester here at Chico State. Mathieu is also proud father of a thicc cat named Frank. Feel free to slide into those office hours at any time and strike up a conversation.

Miles Weatherup
Assistant Production Director
Media Arts | Senior
Dj Benjamminalot

Miles hails from the great and mighty land of Biggs, located about thirty minutes outside of Chico, give or take a few minutes depending on how much pressure you put on the gas pedal. He likes to keep busy, and when he’s not working at the station he’s got a full load of classes, another internship, a club, and plenty of school projects. Miles is passionate about movies and hopes to work in the film industry one day, but for now, he hosts a movie talk show at KCSC Radio called “Movie Real”.

Other Directors

Alex Wonacott
Graphic & Web Design Lead
Graphic Design | Senior
DJ A-won

One of the newest members to our board of directors, manager of the Web and design team; Alexander Michael Wonacott enjoys long walks on the beach, slam poetry, rainy afternoons, and paintings circa the start of the expressionist movement. A graphic design major here at chico state and an artist in his own light, he works with anything from acrylic paint to silk screening. He even runs his own clothing/artist brand here locally in Chico; TastyThredz (W0W! :D). He brings a lot of creativity to the staff and loves to help out where he can. Keep an eye out for him and his imaginative staff this semester as they pump out numerous and invaluable graphics and logos for our station.

Autumn Hoggard
Library Director
Studio Art | Junior
DJ Beezy

Originally from the armpit of California, Bakersfield, DJ Beezy escaped the hot desert to come to a slightly less hot place where it actually rains sometimes. They joined KCSC their first semester and immediately felt a sense of family. Two years later they joined the Board of Directors, taking charge of the music library in the station. They enjoy the simple things such as organizing and categorizing massive amounts of music, chai tea lattes, memes, and naps. They’re majoring in studio art and minoring in business management but we’ll see how long that lasts. Check out DJ Beezy’s show Femmes R Fatal Wednesday’s at 4, it showcases mostly female fronted artists.



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