Staff Picks: April 30th


Christine + The Queens
Saint Claude


Knock Madness


Chastity Belt
Time to Go Home 


No pick!


Buena Vista Social Club
Lost and Found


Dark Red


No pick!


Adult Jazz
Gist Is


No pick!


Modern Baseball
You’re Gonna Miss it All


No pick!


Night Riots


From First to Last
Dead Trees

Kevin P

Rick Astly
Never Gonna Give You Up

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11 Acron Lane – Time for Tea – Album Review

Artist: 11 Acron Lane
Album: Time for Tea
Label: Wooden Hat Records
Release Date: February 10th, 2015

11 Acorn Lane’s Time for Tea is a fresh combination of live instruments, synths, and vocals that coalesce to create this electronic jazz album. Its swing meets the 21st century electronic dance scene. The band is comprised of Neal Pawley and Thomas Fuerer. Pawley described the band name as an imaginary house where, “all kinds of instruments get together and do unexpected things.”

Songs like “Spend My Time With You” and “Swing Thing” are the most danceable tracks. Your foot immediately begins to tap as the song starts. The former is characterized by the romantic lyrics coupled with a fast paced and catchy chorus. The latter includes a hearth-thumping baseline that puts the listener in a trance. Each song is happily reminiscent of a 40’s pop song.

Overall, the album is very happy and exciting. All the beats are fun and uplifting. The track “Perfect” and “Let’s Face It I’m Cute” bring a smile to the listener. The songs transport the listener into a child like happiness with tuba, ukulele, scat, and electronic instruments.

Finally, the album incorporates a hint of foreign flair. “Horsey in Sleepsack” is a club banging Middle Eastern influenced track while “Caliente” is a hip moving yet unconventional Latin derived dance song. Like any good dish, there needs to be some spice to pleasure one’s taste buds. These songs definitely break the monotony, if there is any, in this album by way of world music influences.

This upbeat and fast paced album is a breath of fresh air to jazz jivers, electronic enthusiasts, and music men (and women) all over.

Reviewed by James Groh

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24/7 Concert in Chico Holds World Record!

(UPDATE 4/28: Chico has BEAT the record for longest concert and are trying to double the previous record. We are playing til May 5th! GUINNESS RULES: THEY DESPERATELY NEED PEOPLE THERE WATCHING IN BETWEEN 2AM and 8AM—Please go be part of this history and be there between those times to be a big help!)

Did you know you can go see live music 24/7 in Chico right now? We are attempting a world record from April 1st to May 1st (for a total of 720 hours) Chico’s musicians are joining forces to break the current Guinness World Record for “Longest Multi-Artist Concert” which is 15 days & 12 hours. Click this link for the Google calendar schedule for this event:

If you are under 21 and want to catch a show there is also many all ages shows. Check out this list:

Here is a documentary, made by some of our DJ’s, about the local music scene here in Chico, CA.

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