Staff Picks: Favorite Albums of 2014

Bye, 2014. Thanks for the cool music. Here’s our favorite albums of the year.


Sylvan Esso
Sylvan Esso


Have Mercy
A Place of Our Own


Adult Jazz
Gist Is


Mac Demarco
Salad Days

Kevin P.

Flight Facilities
Down to Earth


Dunno so
This Quokka


Dunno so
This Quokka






Flying Lotus
You’re Dead!


Fugue State


Knife Party
Abandon Ship

Kevin R.

La Dispute
Rooms of the House

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Upcoming Music Events


Thursday, December 4thSOTA Productions Presents: A Conversation with Kevin Lyman
PAC 134 at 5 pm. KEVIN LYMAN, CREATOR OF WARPED TOUR, is gonna be speaking HERE AT CHICO!!!!!!

Friday, December 5th: SOTA Productions Presents: Chico Unplugged ’14 Record Release Party
Remember those people who won at Chico Unplugged earlier in the semester? SOTA Productions is bringing ‘em back. Live music and drink discounts! It’s at the Down Lo at 6 pm! See you there!

Tuesday, December 9th: KCSC Radio’s Music Trivia Night.Think you know anything about music?! Prove it. BMU 210. 6:30 pm. BAM.

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Stolas – Allomaternal – Album Review

Artist: Stolas
Album: Allomaternal
Label: Blue Swan Records
Release Date: November 7th, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada post-hardcore psychedelic spazz-rockers Stolas have just released their new album Allomaternal and let me tell you planet Earth this album is AWESOME. Having been released via Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance’s record label Blue Swan records, this album has an outstanding number of qualities any fan of #swancore could and should expect: chaotic, brazen screaming over zany Mars Volta-esque guitar and drums, counteracted by catchy, melodic choruses and psychedelic intervals, with a heavy dash of smooth, ambient tones that make you feel like crying. Now if that isn’t a recipe for success I don’t know what is. Throw in a dash of somber mental states and math rock influence and we have what can only be summarized as the new Stolas record.

After Stolas reached out to a number of guest vocalists ranging from Jonny Craig to Kurt Travis to Tillian Pearson for their previous album Living Creatures, Stolas decided to go a different route with their new album by not reaching out to anyone at all and conquering this album based on their own talents. In my opinion not only did they knock it out of the park but they succeeding in creating their best album yet. Not only that but I’m pretty sure “Proving Grounds” is my favorite song in the last five years.

This album is for anyone who can appreciate the yin yang balance of life, the dark and the light, this album is for anyone who can sleep through blast beats even though they have all the ambient shoe gaze in the world, this is for anyone who likes to party really hard or go camping because either way it’s a good time. This album is for anyone who wants to go on a journey with your best friend with the full intention of blowing a tire and gaining life experience. That being said, this album is not for everyone, but its for anyone who wants it to be theirs.

Reviewed by Dillon Mitchler

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