Staff Picks Feb-March



NoahNoah-Shivum Sharma- Flicker

Shivum Sharma

SarahSarah- CEO Wonderland-Staff Pick


AngelAngel- Yumi Zouma EP- staff pick

Yumi-Zouma EP
“Yumi-Zuma EP”


J Pigg
“Brief History”

IanIan-Staff Pick-biggigantic

Big Gigantic
“The Night Is Young”



Shelbyblues brothers

Blues Brothers
” Production”


Beachwood Sparks
“Tarnished Gold”

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Exclusive Interview: Trails and Ways

trails and waves

After a burst of exposure to new heights on the blogosphere, the Oakland based quartet Trails and Ways graced Bell Memorial Union Auditorium at Chico State University last Friday night.

With the release of last summer’s “Trilingual,” the bossanova pop group has been making the rounds by touring and exposing crowds to a new sound that flirts within the lines of a delightful tropicana dream pop with a warmth of Brazilian jazz.

“A lot of the ideas for the songs that were on the first EP where once that Emma and I wrote when we moved out of the country as we struggled to communicate and have and identity,” explained singer and chief songwriter Keith Brower Brown.

After graduating from UC Berkeley and exploring new countries and territories along with Brown lead singer Emma Oppen team...

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Banks London EP- Album Review

Artist: BANKS         Album: London EP 

Label: Harvest     Release Date: September 10, 2013


The debut, four-track EP for Los Angeles pop singer Jillian Banks catches your ear like pop music, but finds its way into your soul. It all started with her sultry single “Warm Water”. Her soothing vocals along with the song’s hook captivated audiences and set a wave through music blogging sites.

Opening the EP with “Waiting Game”, produced by SOHN, truly culminates the dark and grueling sounds that the artist infuses into her songs. “Waiting Game” heads into an even darker place, opening up hauntingly. The track is then broken down by BANKS’ voice, where she continuously sounds as though she’s singing with half of a breath in her lungs...

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