Sango – Da Rochina 3 – Album Review

Artist: Sango

Album: Da Rocinha 3

Labels: Solection

Release Date: June 14th, 2012


Sango’s “Da Rocinha” is the work of a genius. This instrumental hip-hop, ambient, and future bass album is extremely dynamic in composition. Sango mixes a beautiful blend of Latino and African samples with sophisticated layers of hip-hop and electronic beats. Sango is recommended if you like LAKIM, Abjo, and IAMNOBODI. However, Sango is a unique artist who separates himself from others with the cultural influences in his instrumental hip-hop production.

Each track on this album maintains its own diversity from other tracks. Not only are some tracks arranged with different cultural sound effects, but also some tracks are more upbeat than others. There is a balance of mellow, drawn out, deep hip-hop beats and ambient African tones, and bright, energetic synth work with lively Latino expressions.

“Da Rocinha” is a creative compilation of carefully crafted beats and sounds that are meaningful and moving. Sango illustrates his deep appreciation for music of all compositions and styles on this album, and stays true to his own distinctive production techniques.

This album is pleasant to listen to and appealing in many ways. You can kick back and relax with “Da Rocinha” playing in the background, turn it up loud in your car on long road trips, or jam to it with friends who appreciate real musical talent.

Sango turns his music into art. He combines cultural symbols, electronic synths, and other dynamic samples to create an excellent textured instrumental hip-hop sound. “Da Rocinha” is representative of the genius in Sango, and pays respect to the beauty of music.

Review by Michelle Fafard

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Chico Unplugged – Spring 2016

Chico Unplugged is an acoustic open mic contest held bi-annually at the top floor of the Madison Bear Garden. This year, it was on February 11th, 18th, and the 25th. It is hosted by Chico’s very own SOTA Productions. Contestants perform original songs in front of a panel of 3 judges for a chance to record their songs with Chico State’s Recording Arts program. There are a total of six winners over the course of the three weeks that Unplugged is held and at the end of the semester there is an album release party for the winners. This semester’s winners were Matt Holmen, Kyle Bailey and Daniel Urquhart, Jeremy Crossley and Joe Stone, Rich Long, Joshua Cremer and Justin Kolas. Possibly the best part of Chico Unplugged is that it is allows individuals who may not have much performing experience to get on stage and express themselves in front of a supportive audience. Not much is needed to perform, only an acoustic instrument and two original songs that comes from the heart.

Write-up and photos provided by Samuel Pickup.

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Star Wars Headspace – Album Review

Artist: Various Artists

Album: Star Wars

Labels: Hollywood Records

Release Date: February 19, 2016


Star Wars Headspace is a compilation of various EDM artists such as Galantis, GTA, Rustie, and Baauer; who have come together to create out of this world music using samples from the Star Wars film franchise. Each song contains a futuristic feel with lots of bass, high frequency synths, and samples of such things as Darth Vader’s voice and Chewbacca’s roar. Some artists have even created tracks that are of different genres than what most would recognize them for producing.

The opening track, C3PO’S Plight, was created by Kaskade and it surely does not disappoint, despite it being of a style not well known to his fans. Kaskade typically produces deep house tracks that are quick in tempo, have a smooth steady beat, loud bass, and lively female vocals. However, in this stunning track, he takes a different approach than most would suspect. C3PO’S Plight has a more laidback chill galactic feel to it. The echo from the synths and various instruments create this deep space adventure. Most would suggest it would fall under something such as futuristic trap. To counteract that relaxing outer space meditation received from the first song, GTA’s Help Me!, is full of deep instrumental dubs, catchy vocals, and lightsaber sound effects that will surely get that blood flowing. To follow that up TroyBoi’s track Force is a mixture of both the chill intergalactic meditative feel of Kaskade’s song and GTA’s bass boosted heart pumping track. The usage of Darth Vader’s voice, shots from blasters, and spacecrafts entering hyperspace is a must listen to track.

The rest of the album continues this sort of cycle of chill futuristic trap to upbeat synthetic trap house, but as well contains twists that most would not see coming. Each artist took what their perspective on the world revolving around Star Wars and created a musical gift from the dimensions beyond space and time itself. This whole album has created a new genre in and of itself. The intricate usage of various sound effects taken from the movies and mixing them with various instruments, tempos, beats, and colorization is literally beyond our universe. So hop in your Millennium Falcon and begin your journey into deep space with Stars Wars Hyperspace.

Review by Justin Torres.

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